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Have you been having pain and difficulty in your life?

​Has this pain been limiting the happiness in your life and preventing you from doing the activities you love?

Is the current healthcare model not helping truly fix this problem?

Have you been told you need an MRI or surgery for your pain to get back to the activities you enjoy?

Here is where you will learn the tools you need in order to regain your body and life.

The services we provide will ensure that you live pain free, move better, remain active and return the things that you love without medications, injections or surgery.

This is the answer you've been waiting for.


What We Treat


We will assist you in gaining back your mobility pre and post-sugery or following an acute care injury if you are trying to heal naturally.


The approach at our clinic is to determine the root cause of your chronic pain and provide a holistic approach to improving your quality of life.


We will perform an in depth evaluation to determine the reason for your initial or persistent sport injuries in order to provide a detailed treatment plan so you can continue competing to the best of your ability.


Jess M. - "I recommend Anthony as a physical therapist to anyone looking to feel better and stronger. I had back pain that was getting worse and that ended up putting me in the ER due to pressure on my nerve. After that, I was lucky to receive physical therapy from Anthony while he was in Arizona. Anthony's approach is so positive (something I didn't expect from PT). He offers a hopeful perspective to the healing process and focuses on increasing the body's flexibility and strength, not on avoiding activities or being fearful. I began feeling physically better through the therapy process while also feeling more optimistic about my abilities. It helps immensely that Anthony is friendly, humble, and easy to talk to. I have since tried working with other PTs, and their approach did not compare. You'll be lucky to work with Anthony!"

Tony Gagnor

Tony Gagnor, PT, DPT

Tony is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who earned his degree in 2021 at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA. He also has a Master's in Exercise Physiology from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville that assisted him in becoming a leading health and performance coach. He began his physical therapy career as a travel therapist following PT school and has worked for multiple hospital based outpatient facilities in CA, MO, AK, OH, and AZ. He has recently decided to settle in Denver to build a leading physical therapy clinic.

He has multiple years of experience as a personal trainer/strength coach prior to attending physical therapy school and has continued to aid people in reaching their fitness and wellness goals to this day. He has specialty certifications as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through NSCA and has completed the Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete certification (Cert-CMFA) through the Institute of Clinical Excellence.

He specializes in working with orthopedic, sports, general population, pre-post surgical, and geriatric populations throughout his physical therapy career. He has had the highest success rates with evaluating/treating knee, shoulder, ankle, cervical, and lumbar diagnoses. He has the ability to effectively evaluate/treat all sports injuries but specialists in common/complex injuries that occur with athletes who engage in CrossFit, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Football, and Basketball.

Tony also continues to provide wellness services for those who are not injured, but dealing with general aches/pains and would like to improve their overall quality of life. He specializes in creating customized wellness/fitness programming along with individualized health coaching in order to reach any of your goals or dreams.

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • Colorado, Alaska, and Missouri Licensed Physical Therapist

  • Avid Hiker & Adventurer

  • Skilled Manual Therapist

  • Movement Specialist

  • Past Experiences in CrossFit, Bodybuilding, & Powerlifting

  • Upper Extremity Dry Needling Certified

If you're seeking the expertise of a sports physical therapist who can assist you in optimizing your rehabilitation and performance , regardless of whether you are an active adult, a professional athlete, or an everyday individual, your search ends here.

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Office: 848 E 78th Ave, Denver, CO 80229

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